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About Foshan Library

Foshan Library was found in 1957. The old library is located in Chancheng District (No.19, Zumiao Road), and the new library is located in Foshan New City¡¯s Cultural Center (No.11, Huakang Road). When overlooking the structure, you will perceive the building looks like a huge Chinese character ¡°Pin (Æ·)¡±, which represents the core objectives pursued by the library: taste¡¢morality and quality. The design of the outer wall of the building uses elements of Foshan paper-cut, and the connotation of the words comes from the chapters of ¡°Spring¡±, ¡°Summer¡±, ¡°Autumn¡± and ¡°Winter¡± of Joyful Reading of Four Seasons written by Yongsen, the Chinese poet of Song Dynasty. With a construction area of 47,000 m2, the library is in possession of about 2,000,000 books, 3,000 types of newspapers and periodicals home and abroad, 2,000,000 electronic books and multiple large databases, providing readers with 2,500 reading seats, over 200 computers and 1,500 cable network ports. Wireless networks cover every corner of the library, and readers are free to enjoy reading through books, computers, and other electronic devices.

Transportation Guide


- 118, 805, 942, 343, 330, K330, 807, get off at the Library Stop.

- 163, G10, GUI(¹ð)27, 804, get off at the Shi Ji Lian Sports Center (West Enter) Stop, and walk 200m towards south.

- 110, get off at Mid. Fu Hua Rd Stop, and walk 400m towards north.

Parking Information:

You can park your car in following parking area:

- The underground parking of Foshan Library

- The parking lots of Shijilian Sports Center

- The parking lots of Huakang Rd.


1. The visitors of the library in weekends and holidays will be much more than weekdays. The underground parking of the library is limited, please choose the other parking lots wisely.

2. Do not parking illegally.

Opening Hours

The opening hours of Foshan Library is 9:00-17:00, Tuesday to Sunday.

The opening hours of Self-Service Library is 7:00-22:00.

Floor Guide

The 1st and M1 Floor :

The Information & Reception Desk: Offering the certificates service (the registration of second generation ID card, the application of the ¡°One-Card¡± library card of United-Libraries of Foshan City), information consulting service and personal service. Tel: 0757-28360000.

Self-Service Library: Offering the self-service machine to provide services including books borrow/return and the registration of second generation ID card. Tel: 0757-28360000.

New technology experience area: Virtual books system, Omnimedia reading system, E-book borrow machine.

Lecture Hall: Holding all kinds of lectures, reports, performances, digital movies playback, and etc. Providing 216 seats.

Children Reading Area: Containing toy library, mini-theater, parent-child reading area, picture book gallery, teenager literature area, comic books area and teenager surfing zone. Providing all kinds of activities for children including Fengfeng Story-telling Club, Nature adventure, Parent-child hands on activities, theme activities in the toy library and etc. Tel: 0757-29233212.

Newspapers and Periodicals Area: Containing Newspapers and Periodicals reading area, Visually impaired reading area, outdated periodical collection area, Sheng Guang Ge Readers¡¯ Salon. Providing all kinds of activities for elder readers, visually impaired readers and adults readers.Tel: 0757-29233211.

The 2nd Floor:

Multimedia Center: Containing audio & video zone, digital reading zone, mini cinema. Providing services including audio & video materials circulation, digital resources retrieval, Internet surfing, music listening, movie appreciation, IT technology training and etc. Tel: 0757-29233223.

Exhibition Hall: Holding all kinds of arts exhibitions and readers¡¯ activities. Tel: 0757-29233222.

The M2 Floor:

Containing music box, studio, theme classrooms. Providing services including mini music concert, music recording, theme cultural activities and etc. Tel: 0757-29233222.

The 3rd Floor:

Containing Social Science Circulation Area (F Finance; G Culture, Science, Education, Physical Education; H Language; K History, Geography), Foreign Language Books Circulation Area, Literature Circulation Area (I Literature).Providing services including books circulation, consulting service, Internet surfing service and etc. Tel: 0757-29233235.

The 4th Floor:

Containing Social Science Circulation Area (A Marx-Lenin-Mao-Deng Theory; B Philosophy; C Social Science Overview; D Politics, Law; E Military; J Arts), Panting Gallery, Nature Science Circulation Area(N Nature Science Overview; O Mathematics, Chemistry; P Astronomy, Geo-science; Q Biology; R Medicine & Pharmacology; S Agriculture; T Industrial Technology; U communication and transportation; V Aeronautics and Astronautics; X Environmental Science; Z Comprehension Books), Life Style Library.Providing services including books circulation, consulting service, Internet surfing service and etc. Tel: 0757-29233242.

The 5th Floor:

Containing Historical Documents Collection Area, Local Literature Collection Area, Chinese Books Reading Area, Foshan Literature and History Exhibition Hall.Providing local literature & resources retrieval service, social and nature science books reading service, consulting service and etc. Tel: 0757-29233259.

The 6th Floor:

Study Area: Readers can enjoy reading, work, study in the area.

Information Department: Providing information consulting services for party and government organizations, research organizations, enterprises and institutions, and regular readers of Foshan. In charge of the information consulting service management of Foshan Library.Tel: 0757-29233261.

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Address: No.11 Huakang Road, Foshan New City, Foshan.
Post Code: 528000 TEL: 0757-28360000