Service Guide

Service Guide

1.Books Circulation Service

Document Type Service Type Address TEL
Children ¡¯s books Read and Borrow ¡°Children ¡¯s Reading Area¡± on the 1st Floor 0757-29233212
Newspaper&periodicals Newspaper:read and copy£» Periodicals:read and borrow ¡°Newspaper&r Periodicals Area¡± on the 1st Floor 0757-29233211
Audio-visual Materials Read and Borrow ¡°Multimedia Center ¡± On the 2nd t Floor 0757-29233223
Adult Books Read and Borrow ¡°Reading and Lending Area¡± on the 3rd and 4th Floor 0757-29233235 £¨3rd Floor £© 0757-29233242 £¨4th Floor£©
Local Books Read and Borrow Local Books Reading Area on the 5th Floor 0757-29233259
Ancient Books Read Ancient Books Reading Room on the 5th Floor 0757-29233245

2.Network and Digital Resources

0.1 Internet Service

0.01 Wireless Internet: Wireless internet is covered 100% to support readers to use laptop,mobile and so on.

0.02 Free Internet Area: Free Internet Area with computers are provided each floor.

0.2 Digital Resources

Foshan United Library Digital Resource Building and Sharing Platform provides more than 100 databases to readers. Readers can use the resources in the libraries without register.Readers can also log in Foshan Library website to get resources from CNKI and so on.

3. Reference and Customized services

Foshan Library Information Department provides reference consulting services and information development, by support of wealth of collection of literature and a large amount of network information. It provides information services for Foshan government, scientific research institutions, enterprises as well as the majority of readers. Tel: 0757-29233252

4. Self-service

0.1 Self-study area with nearly 200 seats is provided on the 6th floor.

0.2 Self-service equipment is set up on each floor for reader to register readers¡¯ card, borrow and return books, print, copy and so on.

5.Characteristic services

New technology experience area: It provides a variety of new technologies, new resources in the library application.

Recording room: It provides services for readers to record a variety of music album. Music box: It provides high-quality audio-visual equipment and music activities.

Movie box: It provides high-quality audio-visual equipment and movie activities.

Picture books¡¯ room: It provides more than 60,000 pictures books and related activities.

Toy box: It provides more than 200 kinds of high quality toys for 3-8 years old readers.

Ancient books¡¯ reading room: Guangfu cultural research base and information center. It provides more than 40,000 ancient books, of which more than 2,000 are rare books.

Visually impaired readers reading room: It provides Braille books, audio books, online services and related activities.

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