Certificates Guide for the United Libraries of Foshan City

1. Types of Certificates
    The application cards for the United Libraries of Foshan City are divided into two types. One is the second-generation ID card (hereinafter called ID card), which has opened the borrowing function and the other is the One-Card application card (hereinafter called One-Card). The readers can borrow and return books in the members of the United Libraries by the application card. Besides, they can enjoy the services of unified loan and return, telephone renewal, reading books, reservation of online renewal, bibliographic query and usage of digital library resources.

2. Activating the Borrowing Function for the Second-Generation ID Card and Applying for the One-Card Application Card of the United Libraries of Foshan City

  The Rules for Activating

    1. Valid documentation for applying for the application card and the type of the registered application card.

Readers¡¯ Type Necessary Documents the Type of Application Type Expense Required
Adults older than 16 Second-Generation ID Card ID Card No
Students without the Second-Generation IDCcard, Hong Kong and Macau Residents, Foreign Personage the Account / Passport / Other Valid Documents One-Card No
Notice: the signature of the guardian is necessary for readers under the age of 16 to apply for the application card and they can freely choose to register the identity card or "one card".

    2.The readers only need to fill in the application form truthfully and provide relevant valid documents, then they can apply to any member of the United Libraries of Foshan City. The readers are also allowed to open the borrowing function for their second-generation ID card in the self-service libraries of the United Libraries of Foshan City. Please check the receipt if opening successfully.

    3.The application is not limited by the validity. It always works once opened.

    4.If opening successfully, readers using the ID card will receive a virtual card number, which can be used as the account of online service. Please keep it carefully. If forgetting it, readers can also enjoy the online service with their ID number. ( please log in the http://www.fslib.com.cn to enjoy the online service)

    5.The password of the application card is the last six number of the ID card by default. Readers are advised to modify the password regularly to ensure the security of information and assets.

  Service functions and borrowing permission

    1.Basic Service Functions

    • unified loan and return of general books
    • borrowing of the periodicals and audio-visual materials ( executing as the rules of all libraries)
    • Free browsing and downloading the digital library resources(please enter after logging in http://www.fslib.com.cn)

    2.Borrowing Permission

    Ten literature ( books, periodicals, audio-visual materials ) are allowed to borrow.

  reporting the loss, recovering and registering

>    1.Reporting the loss: The reader should keep carefully the registered "second- generation identity card" and "One-Card". If losing it accidentally, please report the loss to any member¡¯s library or send a call. The account number will be temporarily closed after the report of loss and the reader should take responsibility for the loss before the report.

>    2.Recovering: if the registered second-generation ID card is found or registered again after the report of loss, the reader should remove the report of loss to the original library to recover the borrowing function.

    3.Registering: a new one-card can be registered if it was lost more than seven days and the reader has returned all the borrowed documents. The old one will be revoked. Lost or damaged, the reader should handle the procedures in the original library with his valid documents and pay ten yuan for the cast of the new One-Card.

3.Borrowing Rules

    1.Personal application card is necessary to borrow books and audio-visual materials.

    2.The loan period is 30 days. It can be renewed once before it is due and the loan period prolongs for 30 days. The loan period of periodicals and audio-visual materials is executed according to the relevant rules of the service library.

    3.A charge will be made for books and audio-visual materials returned late. 0.1 yuan for each book every day. Less than one day is regarded as a whole day. If the reader fails to return the borrowed documents for one year, the library reserves the right to take any legal action if necessary.

    4.When borrowing books and audio-visual materials, the readers should check whether they are intact or stained If so, promptly declare to the staff to deal with it.

    5.When the books, and audio-visual materials are returned, the service library shall check whether the documents are intact and stained. If the general damage does not affect the integrity of the contents, the compensation shall be from 1 to 5 yuan. If the case is badly stained or missing, it shall be compensated as the loss.

    6.Readers can pay compensation at any member¡¯s library if they loss books. In principle, the books in the exact same edition are deductible. If no book as the compensation, the following standards shall be used for compensation: to compensate as the prize more than nine times of the original book which is published before 1978; to compensate as the prize more than four times of the original book which is published between 1979 and 1989; to compensate as the prize more than twice of the original book which is published from 1990 to two years before; to compensate as the prize more than once of the original book which is published within two years; the compensation for the loss of audio -visual materials shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations of their respective libraries.

    7.Please log in the website of the United Libraries of Foshan City --http://www.fsunionlib.com to search book catalog, renew online and know the service details of the United Libraries of Foshan City.


    1.Online Renewal: On the website of Library of Foshan City (http://www.fslib.com.cn), log in the co-building and sharing platform of the digital resources of the United Libraries of Foshan City from the entrance of digital resources used outside the library ( the user name is the ID No. or the One-Card No. And the password is the last six number of the ID card by default), then click ¡°my united library¡± to enter the ¡° my library) and operate according to the navigation menu.

    2.Telephone Renewal: 0757-28360000

    3.TV Renewal: in a high definition ITV, enter ¡°My Library¡± and then you can renew books by yourself.

    4.Renewal in the library: transact by yourself on the self-check on every floor or go to the service desk on every floor.

    5.Renewal is not allowed if following circumstance happened: the literature is overdue or the overdue bills have been more than six yuan, or it has been renewed once.

Address: No.11 Huakang Road, Foshan New City, Foshan.
Post Code: 528000 TEL: 0757-28360000